Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Skazuais Oi! - Streets Are Your Home

   I've not featured many Brazilian bands on here and I'm pretty sure there's been no Oi bands from that country. Until today.....

  Skazuais Oi! are a three piece from Sao Paulo featuring Fernando (guitar/vocals), Guilherme (bass) and Pardo (drums). They're currently recording a new ep and they'll also have a couple of songs featured on a compilation of Brazilian and Portugese Oi! bands.  Unfortunately the only other thing I know about them is that earlier this year they released a single called Streets are Your Home. It's available on The Firm Records and Rotten Records and you can find the band on Facebook....  https://www.facebook.com/skazuaisoi/

  The chorus to this will no doubt be a singalong highlight to their live shows, this is Streets Are Your Home....

We wear Harrington Jackets and boots on our Feet, 
We break all the rules and make our own scene, 
But life is not easy if you do not have brothers to hold, 
Go out Friday night and sing loud! 


Skinheads, Skinheads, You'll never walk alone, 
Skinheads, Skinheads, The streets are your home. 

With drinks in our head and adidas on our feets, 
We go to stadium to support our team, 
But life is not easy if you do not have brothers to hold, 
Go out friday night and sing loud! 


Skinheads, Skinheads, You'll never walk alone, 
Skinheads, Skinheads, The streets are your home. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Cavaverman - Deadly Touch (featuring Irene Viboras)


  Italy's top zombie hunter horror punk band Cavaverman are back on Just Some Punk Songs today with a song from their new ep, Women, Monsters & Cazzottis. The band, a 3 piece featuring Sal Champion, Apocalypse Gio & Doktor Hell have already featured on this blog with songs from their albums James Dead and Tales From Cavafistool and you probably won't be surprised to discover the latest release is more of the same horror themed punk rock that's gone down so well previously. What might surprise you a little is that the song I'm posting today features female vocals courtesy of Irene Viboras of Milan punk n rollers Viboras. You can check out both the new release and their older material over on Bandcamp where they're available for free download :  https://cavaverman.bandcamp.com/

  Women, Monsters & Cazzottis features a song in memory of actor Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli) and a tribute to the girl that stole the band member's hearts, Jaime Sommers (aka Lindsay Wagner, the bionic woman). Plus this one, Deadly Touch.....


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Royal Oi! - Cowards & Bastards


  Royal Oi! are a bunch of football & beer loving punks from Glasgow who formed in 2014. Non political, they're just out to have a good time playing punk and oi! music. They've undergone several line up changes since getting together, they're currently a 3 piece (bass/guitar/drums) featuring both male (Davie) and female (Ana) vocals.

  Their first release was a 2014 demo and they followed it up a year later with debut album Bootboys And Hooligans. Both those releases can be found here : https://royaloiskins.bandcamp.com/ 

  2017 promises to bring the band to the attention of a wider audience as not only are they appearing at the Rebellion and Blank Generation Festivals, they'll also be supporting Cock Sparrer (Edinburgh 21st Oct) and touring Germany in June. No doubt they'll be playing songs from their forthcoming album, There's Gonna Be A Row. You can get more info here : https://www.facebook.com/royaloiskins/

  There's a couple of tracks from the new album on Youtube, the football themed title track and this song about standing your ground and fighting for the working class. A theme that's been done plenty of times before but not often as catchily as this. Cowards & Bastards.....

Cowards & bastards
They’re always running away
Cowards & bastards
They’re always running away

Skinhead, skinhead
Will never run
Skinhead, skinhead
Ready for the fight
Skinhead, skinhead
Fuck your politics!
Skinhead, Skinhead
Fighting for the working class

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bear Trade - As long As We Have Tea


  I'm finding it hard to believe that it's almost 3 years since the North East of Englands finest gruff punk rock band Bear Trade last appeared on Just Some Punk Songs (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/bear-trade-son-of-manse.html). Time flies when you're having punk fun. On that occasion they were just about to release their Blood And Sand album, this time around they've just unleashed it's mightily impressive follow up, Silent Unspeakable. You can check out both albums here : https://beartrade.bandcamp.com/

  The line up for the band sees Greg Robson (guitar/vocals), Callum Goldsbrough (guitar/vocals), Peter Morley (drums/vocals) and Lloyd Chambers (bass/vocals). The new album is out on Everything Sucks Music (most of the world), Dead Broke Rekerds (USA/Canada) and Waterslide Records (Japan). Their sound is unmistakably British, melodic punk rock tunes, heartfelt lyrics and gruff, harmonic vocals. If they were American they'd be regular bill toppers at The Fest.

  There's plenty of songs from Silent Unspeakable that I could have posted below but as they've recently released a video I'll go with As Long As We Have Tea.....

Friday, 21 April 2017

Petrol Girls - Touch Me Again

Photo by Isha Shah Photography

  I've been waiting for this video to turn up online ever since the Just Some Punk Songs show chatroom were blown away by the song a few weeks ago. Needless to say it was well worth the wait.

  Petrol Girls featured on here last year with a song from their Some Thing ep (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/petrol-girls-slug.html). Towards the end of last year they returned with the album Talk Of Violence and it's from that record that today's song is taken. You can check it out here :  https://petrolgirls.bandcamp.com/

  Tagging themselves Raging Feminist Post-Hardcore, the song you'll find below is one of the most powerful that I've featured on here ("they sound like a female fronted At The Drive In" was one of the chatroom comments). Their current tour with Strike Anywhere is gonna blow a few venue roofs off! This is Touch Me Again.....

Touch Me Again 
My domain my temple and my territory my pleasure 
Cut cut cut it out 
My desire my right to choose or to refuse this encounter 
Cut cut cut it out 
My agency that non consensual contact tries to take from me 
Cut cut cut it out 
My fucking mind you undermine my sense of self you pressurize 
Cut cut cut it out 
Its my body and my choice 
It's my body 
My fucking choice 
My power my psyche and my energy my decision 
Cut cut cut it out 
My passion could never be ignited by such aggression 
Cut cut cut it out 
My liberty my body as the base of my autonomy 
Cut cut cut it out 
I need to see us make progress towards accountability 
Cut cut cut it out 
Its my body and my choice 
Its my body 
My fucking choice 
My lips my thighs my wrists my mind 
My lips my thighs my wrists my spine 
My hips my neck my tongue my mind 
Touch me again and I'll fucking kill you 
Touch me again and I'll fucking kill you 
Touch me again and I'll fucking kill you 
Touch me again and I will fucking kill you

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Globs - Spiral Stairs

  A catchy as hell dose of lo fi pop punk today, I played this earlier in the week on the Just Some Punk Songs show and it picked up numerous positive comments from the folk in the chatroom.

  The Globs (or The Globs From Outer Space as they also seem to be known as) are from Sacramento and feature members of The Bananas and Charles Albright :  Audrey Motzer (bass/vocals), Charles Albright (drums), Christine Shelley (vocals), Mike R Mike (guitar/vocals) and Nick Shelley (keyboard). They released a cassette last year and it seems to have done well enough to have been rereleased by Dead Broke Rekerds.

  It's called Do You Feel Weird? and it contains 6 tracks of scrappy lo-fi rock n roll pop. You can find the digital version here :  https://globsfromoutterspace.bandcamp.com/album/do-you-feel-weird

  This is the lead track, it's upbeat, it's cute, it's sloppy, it ain't what you'd call your traditional punk banger but I like it. It's called Spiral Stairs....

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Travis B Squadron

  A few weeks ago on the Just Some Punk Songs show I broadcast the Top 30 Oi songs released since 1st Jan 2000 as voted for by The Church Of Oi! Facebook group. One band I wasn't surprised to see make the Top 10 were Leicester's B-Squadron. They've only released one ep so far but what a fantastic ep it was and it's no surprise it was recieved so well. For one of the best examples there is of raw, modern day oi! music go here

  Soon after the release of the ep they decided to call it a day, a decision which happily they reversed and 2017 will see the release of their debut album. It's definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

  Today I'm extremely pleased to bring you the 10 favourite songs of frontman Travis, not only has he chosen a bunch of classic tracks, he's also very kindly added comprehensive commentary so many thanks and over to you mate.....

I'd like to thank mick at just some punk songs and the boys at the church of Oi! for giving me this opportunity. I hope you enjoyed the choices. Cheers. Travis.

 1)  COCKNEY REJECTS - Someone Like You

The Kings. The guvnors. Original and best. I'd been listening to punk since I was a kid, I loved the sound but a lot of the meaning in the lyrics went over my young head, I mean what does a 6/7 year old know about anarchy really? Then these boys came and changed the game, that same raucous sound but with words I could directly link to my own life. Songs I could relate to and that put it on a whole new level. I've picked this track simply for these few words... got a kicking from me brother, had a row with me mother, I'm in trouble everyday, them words hit me bang on the chin, like they were written for me and the kids on my street, which I guess they were really. They had it spot on when they said 'the east end's all around', cos it was, not just London but all over Britain. I'm honoured to now call the Rejects my pals, I've been all over Europe on roadie duties with them and I've lost count the amount of times I've seen em live. They never let you down or fail to blow you clean away with their power. There's a little firm of us from leicester that follow the band religiously. Football fans like us and Mick n Jeff are also huge boxing fans like myself, Jeff is encyclopaedic on the subject. They are heroes in every sense of the word and a worthy number one in any list. I'd like to dedicate this track to the memory of our dear departed and much missed friend Tony Van Frater. God bless.

 2)  SEX PISTOLS - God Save The Queen

The track that started this lifelong love affair with punk rock and oi! Summer '77 I was a snot nosed 6 year old, I remember it distinctly,I'd been to the TSB bank with my grannie to get a silver jubilee commemorative coin and when I got home the radio was babbling about these disrespectful outrageous thugs singing a horrible song about our sovereign ,of course I was hooked. I got never mind the bollocks for Christmas and the rest is history. I have a strange affinity with cook and jones, both thieving council estate scallywags ha ha ha. Fuck all them art school poseurs and privileged pretenders, the Pistols were the real deal, working class lads that changed the world forever. I might be in a minority here but I'm a big admirer of the royals, I love our Queen, fuck the silly punk rock handbook that says you've got to be anti this or anti that. When I say God save the Queen I actually mean it maaaan.

 3)  4 SKINS - Evil

Two words.. Hoxton Tom. The look, the presence, the clobber, the style. The embodiment of Oi for me. My favourite 4 Skins track of all time and another we've covered, this time with kind permission from the man himself. The big debate of course is Hodges, Roi or Panther. I personally favour Roi, just cos I love his voice and the 'fistful' album, but there's a strong case for each and it all comes down to personal preference I suppose. Also like to mention original bassist Steve 'H' Harmer here, another of the old school who's support has been unwavering. A top top geezer.

 4)  LAST RESORT - Freedom

The opening track to a stonewall classic album. A mainstay of any self respecting 'erberts collection. I love roi's voice, that Sarf Lahndan growl is like a punch in the ear'ole and you recognise it instantly. I could of picked any number of Resort tracks but I went for this one because it has probably the best intro of any song ever written, as soon as you hear that opening guitar you still get that 'hairs on the back of your neck' moment. YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU NEVER FREED 'EM BEFORE....

 5)  STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Alternative Ulster

Chosen simply because it was the first record I ever bought with my own ( pocket ) money. Revolver records in leicester market place for the grand sum of 60p. As a rag arsed kid from inner city leicester I knew nothing of the troubles really, I had no idea what the lyrics were about and Belfast might as well have been on the moon. Funnily enough I now have a lot of good good friends over the water in Ulster. They've been through the mill and seen things we as Englishmen simply cannot comprehend, despite all that they are the most welcoming and hospitable folk on gods green earth. So this is as much for those good people as it is for me.

 6)  COMBAT 84 - Rapist

What a band. What a track. Dripping with menace and aggression and I agree wholeheartedly with its message. B Squadron have been given kind permission to use this track by Deptford John, I just hope we do it the justice it deserves. C84 are a HUGE influence on us and we have actively tried to emulate that early 80's raw and gritty sound. R.I.P Chubby, thanks for the music.

 7)  BLITZ - Razors In The Night

You just knew anything that came out on 'No Future' back in the day was half right. These boys then raised the bar. I read somewhere they tried to rid themselves of the Oi! Label but for me this is pure unadulterated Oi! The early singles and Voice Of A Generation LP were exactly that, the voice of a generation. Blasted this track as a young kid and I still blast it out today. A proper audio kick in the bollocks. Love it.

 8)  ARGY BARGY - Saturday's Glory

Great band. Standard bearers for the scene in modern times.Watford Jon has been behind B Squadron since day one. Someone I have a great deal of respect for not only as a man but as a lyricist as well. There's a million and one songs on the subject but this one is THE one for me. For all those not involved in a nice bit of football skullduggery, it says it all. An insight for the uninitiated. I JUST CANT HELP IT...


From modern day to back in the day. From the sublime 'snuff rock' ep. They were a pisstake band, a parody of The Damned but this had everything a young punk rocker wanted to hear, angry guitars, heavy drums, offensive lyrics and swearing!!! Something to upset your ma and da, 100% punk rock for me. TURN IT UP!

10) CROWN COURT - Hated But Rated

Straight in with a modem track but a classic nonetheless. Trev is a good lad, well connected over Tottenham and he knows the score. I love crown court, I can't think of a single track I don't like, but this one is fucking genius. Great riff, echoes of Slade and even a bit of blues, proper bootboy rock n roll, but the fucking lyrics man ! Brilliant in their simplicity, to the point and 100% bang on. Says a lot about the scene today with snipers and finger pointers all over the gaff.... 'you think you're in the know, you think you're all clued up, you ain't nowhere to be seen, gobbed off, got done'... perfect. I wish I'd written it ha ha.