Saturday, 20 January 2018

Cinderblock - No Means No


  When I broadcast the Just Some Punk Songs show, there's always a few people in the chatroom who aren't big fans of oi music. Their main complaint seems to be that all the songs are about the same thing (boots, braces, fighting, revenge, brothers in arms, whatever....). Whilst agreeing that they may have a point, it doesn't stop me playing this genre of music as there's plenty of great music out there but it's always good when bands write about something different (and plenty do). One song I played recently that went down well, even with those who might usually turn their nose up at such fare, is the one I'm featuring today.

  I first posted Cinderblock 2 years ago and wrote that I knew very little about them other than that they were from Boston, Massachusetts and feature a couple  of members from Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Fast forward 2 years and I still don't know much about them (damn the punk bands that don't do Facebook!) but I do know that early last year they followed up their 2015 No Future demo and their Unreleased Covers ep with an absolutely stomping S/T debut album. If you missed it, stop reading and download it (name your price) now.... 

  Just to prove that the album was no fluke, they returned last September with a 7" ep titled The Executioner. Released on the aptly named Loud Punk Records it was another 4 tracks of hard hitting oi influenced punk that will appeal to a wider audience than the boots and braces crowd.

  Proof that oi music can be hard hitting as fuck whilst still being catchy as hell (and feature lyrics about more topical themes!), this is No Means Know. By Christ it's good....


Friday, 19 January 2018

Dasher - We Know So (Reviewed By Jamie Bey)

Another Friday guest review for you, doing the honours this week is Jamie Bey. Jamie's one of the hosts of Not The Punk Rock Show. This is what he had to say about his show....

"Not The punk rock show is run by two people (tho one rarely speaks) and is broadcast fortnightly 8.00 til 10:00 pm Saturdays on Phoenix FM 96.7. Phoenix radio is a not for profit community radio station based in Calderdale, tho It can be picked up in various parts of West Yorkshire, it is also streamed via the website and via the free tune-in radio app (search Brewed to local taste), shows are also uploaded to Mixcloud and our Facebook page."

Over to Jamie for the review....

Dasher – We Know So (from the L.P. Sodium)

Dasher and this LP are one of our “finds” of 2017. A three piece named after a blade from a food blender, originally starting in Atlanta, before relocating to Bloomington Indiana. The band have a certain amount of history which is covered in the notes to the album on the bands bandcamp page, so I'm not going to repeat all that here.

We Know So is the opening track of the L.P. and sets the tone of the whole album; feed back into hammering primal drum beats, driven by fuzzy throbbing bass-lines, overlayed with soaring psychedelic noise guitar, and raging delay drenched vocals, with a catchy but simple chorus. It was this song alone that set me off down the M62 to a record store in Leeds to buy the L.P. A risky thing to do sometimes but in this case I had a feeling I was onto a goodie and I wasn't wrong.

The engine that drives Dasher is drummer/vocalist/song writer Kylee Kimbrough and one of the joys of the punk scene for me has always been writing to bands I like, the marvels of the interwebs means communication is a lot easier nowadays (and doesn't involve tatty recycled envelopes and soaped stamps.) Which has meant that I've been able to ask her a few questions about the song and the Dasher sound in general. At this point I need to add that Kylee received an adult ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosis post recording the song and this puts a different perspective on the lyrical content of it (and others such as Go Rambo and Sodium) and the overall sound. When asked about her influences she mentioned early UK post punk, Crass and Crisis also got a mention, tho she mostly listens to soul music at home, and joked the sound was Aspie soul music, lyrically the song can be seen as non ASD people asking someone with ASD why do you not know this ? Kylee told me a tale of being lost in New York with her tour manager, who had a bit of an accident in their pants, her mind asking should I follow suit in sympathy, something “we know so's” know not to do. (she didn't follow suit).

Dasher toured the UK in early 2017 and I'm really hoping they come back, the album has been one of our favourite releases of 2017 and we really think you should check them and their post punk psychedelic noise rock out.
  This is We Know So....

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Lay It On The Line - Positive Views


  Lay It On The Line are a melodic hardcore punk band from South London. Forming in 2012 their current line up features Duncan Ash (bass), Jakub Jalowiec (guitar), James Eaton-Brown (drums), Alice Hour (vocals) and Mike Scott (vocals/guitar). Mike is also a member of Phinius Gage and In Evil Hour whilst Alice also fronts In Evil Hour.

  With influences such as Pennywise & Consumed plus Slayer & Dio it's easy to see why their sound is a mix of hard hitting punk tunes with heavier riffs and pounding drums. Releases include 2012's demo album Midnight In The Ballagio plus several eps and a split 7" with Arizona. You can check them out here :

  Late last year they released their debut album, The Black Museum, on Disconnect Disconnect Records and you can find it here :

  They embark on a mini tour later this month and you can find details here : 

  The song you'll find below is a cover of a demo by Californian band Rotting Out (check the original version out here :
Duelling male and female vocals compliment a brutal back beat, this is Positive Views....

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Barracks - Home Town


  The Barracks are a South East Coast punk rock 4 piece from Eastbourne & Hastings who formed in 2009 and who's line up features Luke (guitar/vocals), Scott (guitar/vocals), Ryan (drums/backing vocals) and Mark (bass/backing vocals). Combining elements of street punk and hardcore, they list amongst their influences the likes of Swingin' Utters, Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade and Rancid.

  If you visit their Bandcamp page you'll be able to snap up their 2012 debut album, Out With The Old, "Name Your Price". Also on there are the 2016 split they released with Matilda's Scoundrels plus their latest long player, Lost And Found...

  They kicked off 2018 with a gig supporting UK Subs and promise there'll be more gigs, more videos and more eps throughout the year so keep an eye on their Facebook page for news : 

  This song is from the new album and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom for last night's Just Some Punk Songs show (the show is saved here if anyone wants an hour of great new music to listen to : ). Featuring a big singalong chorus this is Home Town.....

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Plastic Tears

(Photo by Lucy White)

  I'm posting a song today that I've had lined up for a while but which seemed to have drifted down my "to do" list. Not sure why because it's damn good as is the album that it's taken from. Anyway, today's the day it gets featured.

  Forming in 2008, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are from Sydney and feature a line up of Ben Warnock (guitar/vocals), Doug Gibson (drums), Joe Sukit (guitar/keyboards/ saxophone, vocals) and Nic Warnock (bass/vocals).

  The aforementioned new album is called Rot. It's their second full length (their debut was 2013's Ready For Boredom). I've seen several reviews of the album throwing around comparisons to fellow Australians Royal Headache, possibly because Sukit is a former member, possibly because they play a similar type of catchy rock that combines elements of power pop with soulful punk.  Check out the album here : 

  There's plenty of songs on Rot that could have been highlighted below but I'll go with the one that I'm playing on today's Just Some Punk Songs show (8pm gmt here : ). This is Plastic Tears.....

Don’t know what you’re talking about 
Like your senses are inside out 
It’s not that I think you’re weak 
Just not buying the tears you weep 

Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 
Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 

It’s come to the final hour 
And the feelings are getting sour 
You might have fooled everyone 
Not me with your gestural emotions 

Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder 
Your plastic tears 
Dry them on my shoulder

Monday, 15 January 2018

Orange Bomb - School Disco

  Orange Bomb are a 4 piece D.I.Y. punk pop garageband from Surrey featuring a line up of Martin Holmes (vocals), Rob Allbeury (guitar), Matt Harriman (drums) and Andy Marling (bass). Originally a duo formed from the ashes of The Wot Nots their debut album was titled (One) and you can check it out here :

  The follow up, featuring the expanded line up, was titled Brighton and is available here :

  Last March they returned with album number 3, it's called Pop Heavy and it's more of the usual catchy melodies combined with pithy lyrics. Expect Wry Observationalistic alt stylings rather than typically glossy pop punk. It's storytelling with quirky characters and plenty of nostalgia. It'll leave you with a warm glow. They're always looking for good gigs with likeminded bands so if you can help then give them a shout.

  This song is about a chap called Richard Household who invented a girlfriend and to avoid being caught out at the school disco he told everyone she had died. With lyrical couplets such as "Up to number 3 The Jam's Eton Rifles, Tracy's breasts wobbling like trifles" and shout outs to the likes of Midge Ure, Haircut 100, Boy George (he must be a girl!) etc, it'll transport you back in time.

  This is School Disco....

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Savage Beat - Trench Warfare


  Savage Beat are one of numerous exciting new oi/street punk bands that are currently springing up from all corners of the globe. They're from Amsterdam and were formed by songwriter/bassist Rogier Heumakers who has previously been in bands such as The Shining, Rupsband, Rinus Michels, Open Wounds etc.

  He's put together a line up featuring ex Wanderlust members Paul Helmus (guitar) and Lionn (drums) plus guitarist Steven Van Der Werff ( Lords Of Altamont) and lead vocalist Marko Petrovic ( The Works).

  Last year they released their debut ep, it's titled Trench Warfare and it's available through French independent label Evil Has Landed Records, Rebellion Records or name your price on Bandcamp :

  The ep features 6 tracks top notch of rock n oi music about drinking all night long, being sick of everything (most of all you) and questioning what you're gonna do when the pressure's on. The vocals are in your face and whilst not being quite as retro sounding as Hard Wax, the music is rooted in old style classic rock n roll with a hint of glam. All in all definitely a band to watch out for (I hear they're planning to be back in the recording studio soon).

  This is the title track of the ep, it's about the cruelty of war with generations of young men being sent to die in the trenches. It combines hard hitting commentary with one hell of a chorus and it's called Trench Warfare.....