Saturday, 27 May 2017

New Trash - Vicious Circle


  New Trash are a fresh faced new punk band from Leuven in Belgium, they're a 3 piece featuring Mathijs Vanhoof, Dante Van Dyck and Noah Reynders. January 2016 saw them announce themselves with the embryonic Crunch Time ep then they spent the rest of the year honing their sound before returning earlier this month with Circle. A 4 track ep, there's 150 hand numbered cds available on Bearded Punk Records and cassettes out on Recovery Records. Those looking for the digital version click here :

  Sound wise they remind me of early Green Day. Their songs are catchy pop punk missives that promise a big future is in store for them. This is the opening track from Circle, it's about being stuck in a rut, being bored and lazy with no motivation but wanting to grab the chance to break out of that torpor. It's called Vicious Circle....


Friday, 26 May 2017

Dirty Work - Until We Die

  Dirty Work are a pogo punk/street punk/oi band from Toronto who've been together since 2014. Originally a 4 piece, they've been touring and recording as a trio since the departure last November of rhythm guitarist Scott MacLean. They currently line up with Sal Lee (drums/vocals), Mac Hicks (bass/backing vocals) and Zack (guitar/vocals).

  A couple of months ago they released their debut album, it's titled Out For You and you can check it out here : 

  They've a few gigs lined up to support the album and you can find details on those here :

  They're not going to win any prizes for originality but if you're looking for some straight up punk rock then you could do a lot worse then check out the 15 (+1) tracks on Out For You. Subjects include excessive drinking, girls with loose morals, living for the weekend and more drinking!

  This one's called Until We Die....

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dom Murphy (Electro Hippies)

  A Top 10 today selected by former Electro Hippies bassist/vocalist Dom Murphy. Electro Hippies were a crust punk band from the north west of England (St Helens/Wigan) who were active during the late 80's and who's hard hitting diy songs about subjects such as animal rights and vegetarinism found favour with John Peel. Dom was also a member of Jailcell Recipies.

Thanks for the list Dom....

 1)  THE THE - Uncertain Smile

 2)  CRASS - Big A Little a

 3)  SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS - Cranked Up Really                                                                           High

 4)  STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device

 5)  SCREAM - Came Without A Warning

 6)  The Clash - Armagideon Time

 7)  MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat

 8)  DISCHARGE - Ain't No Feeble Bastard

 9)  THE UNDERTONES - My Perfect Cousin

10)  MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Page Of Punk - Itarurokoro

  Unfortunately this is going to be one of those intros where I don't share much information as I don't know much about the band. A Page Of Punk are from Tokyo, they formed in 2001 and they've released a bunch of records including this 49 track album on Drunken Sailor Records.....

  A couple of months ago they released a new album on I Hate Smoke Records (just 31 tracks this time!). It's called Punk Day - Beautiful Day and you can find a video for one of the songs below.

  UK punk fans can catch them at this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool where they'll be playing the Introducing Stage. You may have heard them on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show. If you missed it, it was the first of a 2 part special showcasing bands that will be gracing the Introducing Stage and you can listen to the saved version here :

  From the new album, this is Itarurokoro (It translates into English as Everywhere)....

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Top Dog - Razor Reg

  Carlisle Oi/Street Punk band Top Dog return next month with a new 4 track ep, it's titled Razor Reg and there'll be a 7" version available from Rebellion Records and Longshot Music. The band previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs with one of the highlights of their excellent debut s/t album (

  Influenced by the classic British Oi stylings originated by the likes of The Business, The 4-Skins, Last Resort etc, Top Dog are one of the new wave of gritty, hard hitting bands that are heading the current revival in authentic street music. I featured some of those bands on the recent Just Some Punk Songs Best Oi Songs Of 2017 (So Far) show ( The song I'm posting today would have definitely graced that show if it had have been released earlier.

  Following on from the worldwide success of the album, the band recently played their first overseas gig. This summer they will make their debut appearance at the Rebellion Festival and there's lots of other gigs lined up. They're also busy working on material for album number two and they say to watch out for a special release later this year. You can keep up to date with them on Facebook...

  This is the title track from the ep, taking us back to the gangland culture of 60's London, it's called Razor Reg....

Monday, 22 May 2017

Kickback Generation - Riptide Refugee

  Kickback Generation are a political punk band from the north east of England who formed in 2012 and boast a line up of Jim Thoroughgood (bass/vocals), Mick Robson (guitar/vocals) and Paul "Puss" Sowerby (drums). Influenced by the likes of Billy Bragg, The Clash, Social Distortion, Gimp Fist etc they've thus far they've released 2 albums, Waiting For The Punchline (2014) and Rant (2016). Today's song is taken from the latter of those.

  Always on the lookout for gigs, they'd appreciate it if anyone who can help out gets in touch via Facebook

  One gig they have got lined up is their appearance on the Introducing Stage at this year's Rebellion Festival. They'll be playing on the Friday (4th Aug) so if you're in Blackpool make sure to check them out.

  The Introducing stage will host an impressive number of up and coming bands, most of whom are new to me so to try and help my fellow punk fans decide who to check out I'm going to broadcast a couple of special Just Some Punk Songs shows featuring as many of those bands as I can squeeze in. The first will air at 8pm (gmt) tomorrow (Tues 23rd) and you can listen live here :

  Kickback Generation will feature in that show (with a different song) but for the blog I'm going with Riptide Refugee....

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Humdrum Express - Lookalike Bond


  The Humdrum Express, aka Kidderminster based wry observationalist Ian Passey, previously graced Just Some Punk Songs with a song from last year's The Day My Career Died album ( ). Today he returns with the title track of his new ep.

  The ep is titled Lookalike Bond and is available now :

  As well as the title track's humerous look at celebrity culture and the business of celebrity lookalikes the ep also features a cover of Television Personalities' Painting By Numbers and songs called If Only I'd Watched Blue Peter and Fading Stars On Social Media. Imagine Half Man Half Biscuit with less bile; one man, his acoustic guitar and a sense of humour.

  Here's the excellent video for Lookalike Bond.....

 Not one to stand out from the crowd, an average man on the street
I have to work long hours, but still can’t seem to make ends meet
People have always said I resemble an actor on TV 
I don’t quite know how I ended up joining a look-alike agency

The work was steady, with the opening of a sports shop and a bar
Hardly an insight into what it must be like to be a star
Until one morning, I awoke to find an unexpected twist
My double was named as the next James Bond, and overnight became ‘A’ list

My name’s Bond – well, they say dead ringer
My name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – You only live twice, Goldfinger
My name’s Bond… James lookalike Bond

I forged signatures in Cannes; when I was there to see the sights
Seemed a far cry from switching on some village Christmas lights
Factory hours, now even more a distant memory
Former workmates, I hear, are passing comment jealously

My name’s Bond – I’m so well dressed, exuding charm
My Name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – with a wannabe Honor Blackman on my arm
My name’s Bond… James lookalike Bond

I turned on the TV news, left me shaken not stirred
As the (money) penny dropped, my whole world crashed by what I heard
My doppelganger, is not all he’s cracked up to be
I’ll admit… it scared the living daylights out of me!

His list of crime seems endless, he’s facing 007 years inside
The press are out to get him, my high life’s on the slide
The public are alleging other serious matters
I think I’ll have to sue – my career’s in tatters!

My name’s Bond – The novelty’s wearing thin
My name’s Bond
My name’s Bond – At the mercy of my famous twin
My name’s Bond, James Lookalike Bond

I was tempted by the taste of celebrity and wealth – 
Fooled into thinking I’d be bettering myself
A small crumb of comfort to ease my loss of earning
Is the hangers-on have gone; and I doubt they’ll be returning
Fame based on looks, I won’t be such a fool again
But I felt I needed something to help to ease the pain
I sought medical advice in a bid to ease my woe
My GP said “sit down, Bond” - I said “Dr, NO!”

I’m not Bond – Forget the man I used to be
I’m not Bond
I’m not Bond – Must be someone else who looks like me…